Xenia (Greek) — a key piece in the concept of hospitality and the development of reciprocal relationships, courtesy and respect in human interactions.

Such are traits of meaningful dialogue - a focal point of the work of The Xenia Institute.

The Xenia Institute is a not-for-profit community engagement organization based in Norman, Oklahoma. It is a place where deep, meaningful dialogue - a communications tool that is often missing from the ways people work together and converse – is taught and encouraged. Through this enhanced understanding of the power of dialogue, we train people to listen to each other and to discover new ways to share their opinions about specific issues in ways that respect those with whom they disagree. The result is the unfolding of new possibilities.

We seek ways, large and small, in our community and beyond to help address prominent needs for different types of conversations.

In focusing on community engagement, we have recognized that true dialogue offers enhanced potential to organizations, businesses, agencies, and any other groups of people. The potential of transforming those endeavors of people via true dialogue can help move visions into realities that would not otherwise be possible.

The Xenia Institute fosters safe environments for engagement to encourage meaningful dialogue and promote thoughtful action to effect positive change.